Fractional Finance Director Services Explained

6 November 2023 | Finance

Navigating the complexities of financial management can be challenging, especially for small and growing businesses. Most companies start with an accountant to handle basic financial tasks and a bookkeeper for day-to-day operations. But as your business scales, what you *truly* need is regular, meaningful financial information and strategic guidance.

Engaging a Fractional Finance Director is a great way to secure the skills and knowledge you need at an earlier point in time, positioning your business for sustainable growth. Read on to learn more about Fractional Finance Director services and how this service enables you to access the specialist financial experience and skills you need for a fraction of the cost.

What is a Fractional Finance Director?

The term Fractional Finance Director is relatively new to the UK, although the concept is not.

Also known as a Fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Fractional Finance Director (FD) provides the same strategic acumen and financial leadership as a full-time FD (or CFO) on a part-time basis.

Unlike the traditional definition of employed roles being “full time” or “part time”, a fractional service allows you to retain the most appropriate amount of time you need for the stage your business is at. What’s more, you can scale the service as your business grows.

From financial reporting and planning to cash flow management, budgeting, and forecasting, a Fractional Finance Director gives you tailored, high-level strategies to grow your business, without committing to a full or part time employee. The fractional approach gives you peace of mind to make well informed decisions knowing your Fractional FD is there to guide you in organising your financial planning, visualising growth, and devising robust strategies for your business.

How Do I Know If I Need a Fractional Finance Director?

This is a great question potential clients often ask.

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, it may be time to consider Dazzle’s Fractional FD services:

  • You’re a SME looking for cost-effective but high-level financial expertise.
  • You’re scaling your business and need robust financial plans to support sustainable growth.
  • You’re working on a specific project, like preparing for an audit or a merger.
  • You’re struggling with cash flow or other financial challenges.
  • You need more advice and guidance on financial matters in your business than your accountant currently provides.
  • You often find yourself wondering how much you can/should be investing back into your business or how much you can spend!

There may be other times when a Fractional Finance Director is useful such as if you have a temporary need for an FD due to long term employee absence or parental leave.

Benefits of Choosing a Fractional Finance Director from Dazzle

Now you understand what a Fractional FD is, let’s take a look at the business benefits of choosing a Fractional Finance Director from Dazzle.

Organise Your Financial Planning

With our services, you’ll receive:

  • Regular, reliable accounting information which means that you are able to make decisions based on up to date data.
  • Insights on how your business is performing which means you can proactively manage business ups and downs without stress or panic.
  • Improved process flows for financial tasks, reducing the administrative burden of your financial management.

Visualise Growth

As the saying goes, “If you can see it, you can be it”. That’s why we provide:

  • Simple-to-operate forecasting tools bespoke to your business allowing you to test the impact of different scenarios on your business’ financial wellbeing.
  • Use “What if” scenarios to challenge assumptions around key drivers for your business allowing you to make better decisions.


We assist in:

  • Setting clear goals and tracking your progress and successes.
  • Offering strategic process mentoring using our extensive experience to help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Providing financial expertise to lean on when required. There’s no such thing as a silly question, developing a deep understanding of your business finances is essential for continued success.

Why Dazzle’s Fractional FD is Different

Unlike conventional solutions, our lead offering isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. We provide a bespoke Fractional FD subscription catering to your unique business needs. Our initial engagement involves a comprehensive assessment day to understand your business operations, followed by a proposal that outlines the shape and value of the services we can offer.

A Partner You Can Trust

At Dazzle, we don’t believe in long-term contracts, preferring to earn your trust when you see the value we add to your business.

We’ll agree a short term initial contract, giving us time to build cash flow and financial models specifically tailored to your business. After that, it’s a straightforward month-to-month contract, with regular reporting and the option for additional support tasks within the finance function if you need them.

How Much Does a Fractional Finance Director Cost?

Dazzle Business Support enables you to access premium FD skills at a highly competitive price point. Our focus is on delivering great value, allowing you to avail yourself of high-level financial leadership without breaking the bank.

Because we refuse to accept “one size fits all” you will only ever pay for the services you need and that we are confident will add value to your business.

Working with Dazzle Business Support

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Contact Dazzle Business Support today. Our Fractional FD services provide you with all the experience and skill sets you need, for just a fraction of the cost. With our help, you can organise your financial planning, visualise your growth, and strategise for the future with confidence.

All the experience and skill sets you dream of at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Dazzle today for a consultation and get ready to unlock the full potential of your business.