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Hello from the business support experts

As a business grows, it needs to transition. The demand on each specialism increases and you need to bring in a team of subject matter experts to take things to the next level.

That won’t be cheap and it’s likely that you’ll need this kind of experience before you have the budget for a full time hire.

We solve this problem, providing Finance & HR support to growing SME’s on a fractional or subscription basis.

We are good at it and we enjoy it

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Our Human Resources Support Services

Dazzle are here to provide support and guidance to growing SME’s who do not require or have the budget for an HR employee or department

Our Finance Support Services

Dazzle are here to provide outsourced Finance leadership to growing SME’s in an affordable way.

Look who’s been Dazzle’d

5 stars!

Rachel recently helped me with a potentially tricky Redundancy process. She helped manage the process, prepared the minutes of meetings and drafted the letters.

Rachel’s assistance and guidance was invaluable and certainly helped make sure that everything ran smoothly with a fair outcome for all involved.

C Whiteley, Senior Partner Trethowans LLP

5 stars!

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Doug. I had the opportunity to work with him on a few very key strategic projects. He is the consummate professional with a great work ethic. He is very strong analytically and brings a lot of insight and passion to any project he participates in.

I will enthusiastically endorse Doug for any senior role that requires a strong leader.

Amitabh Sarwate, Senior Director of Finance

5 stars!

When you arrived on the first day your smile said “It’s going to be ok, we’ve got this.”

Rachel gave us invaluable support. Her professional yet flexible approach enabled us to confidently feel we were in safe hands. We would strongly recommend her to anyone needing HR advice and guidance.

Thank you Dazzle Support. Thank you Rachel!

Alicia Proctor (Trustee), Alabare

5 stars!

Rachel’s key talent is that she is a natural empathic communicator. Equally experienced and comfortable in difficult discussions with (occasionally angry, scared or stressed) employees as she is comprehensively explaining strategy and results with C-suite executives.

Rachel’s other key strengths which make her an asset to any company include knowledge of the HR field, approachability (my door is always open/ call me anytime attitude), talent (particularly with dealing with people), drive (to achieve the targeted result) and of course given the nature of HR her unwavering professionalism.

L Davies FCCA