Training & Workshops

We can help train your managers to deal with employee disputes, teaching them how to spot the early signs and nip them in the bud, how to navigate through the procedures and how to support the individuals. Managers that are not trained or confident in handling conflict can add to the stress, anxiety and depression which all have an impact on productivity. We can help clear up problems swiftly and smoothly as early as possible.

There is a potential increase for conflicts as companies adapt to new changes in the workplace post Covid 19.

We can offer training on:

  • Difficult conversations.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Mediation.
  • Conducting an investigation.
  • Conducting a disciplinary.
  • Hearing a grievance.

Workshops can be tailored to fit your business needs, let us know what you are looking for. We can provide you with the correct training and content to equip managers/employees in dealing with:

  • Wellbeing
  • Mental health

These are suitable for, employees, supervisors, managers giving them the correct tools and expertise to carry out daily tasks to a satisfactory level whilst being confident in what they are doing.

By supporting your employees and investing time and money into tailored training your team leaders/managers will be well equipped to lead their teams to the highest standard. We can tailor training packages to suit your individual needs.

Our training programmes and workshops can be undertaken at your offices/work premises or, if required, we can arrange a suitable external venue for them to be delivered to your teams.

To find out more about our HR Training and Workshops get in touch.

Look who’s been Dazzle’d

5 stars!

Rachel recently helped me with a potentially tricky Redundancy process. She helped manage the process, prepared the minutes of meetings and drafted the letters.

Rachel’s assistance and guidance was invaluable and certainly helped make sure that everything ran smoothly with a fair outcome for all involved.

C Whiteley, Senior Partner Trethowans LLP

5 stars!

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Doug. I had the opportunity to work with him on a few very key strategic projects. He is the consummate professional with a great work ethic. He is very strong analytically and brings a lot of insight and passion to any project he participates in.

I will enthusiastically endorse Doug for any senior role that requires a strong leader.

Amitabh Sarwate, Senior Director of Finance

5 stars!

When you arrived on the first day your smile said “It’s going to be ok, we’ve got this.”

Rachel gave us invaluable support. Her professional yet flexible approach enabled us to confidently feel we were in safe hands. We would strongly recommend her to anyone needing HR advice and guidance.

Thank you Dazzle Support. Thank you Rachel!

Alicia Proctor (Trustee), Alabare

5 stars!

Rachel’s key talent is that she is a natural empathic communicator. Equally experienced and comfortable in difficult discussions with (occasionally angry, scared or stressed) employees as she is comprehensively explaining strategy and results with C-suite executives.

Rachel’s other key strengths which make her an asset to any company include knowledge of the HR field, approachability (my door is always open/ call me anytime attitude), talent (particularly with dealing with people), drive (to achieve the targeted result) and of course given the nature of HR her unwavering professionalism.

L Davies FCCA